Design a Greek Temple

Students work together to design a Greek temple including floor plans and outside designs.

To understand and appreciate the architectural style and elements of Ancient Greek temples by designing your own temple, complete with a floor plan and exterior sketches.

Materials Needed:
1. Graph paper for creating floor plans
2. Drawing paper for sketches
3. Pencils, erasers, and colored pencils or markers
4. Rulers or straight edges
5. Reference images and resources on Ancient Greek architecture


1. Research: Begin by researching Ancient Greek temples. Look at different examples and understand the common elements, such as the use of columns (Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian), the structure (including the pronaos, naos/cella, and opisthodomos), and the decorative elements (like friezes and pediments).

2. Choose a God or Goddess: Ancient Greek temples were often dedicated to a specific god or goddess. Choose a deity for your temple and consider how the design might reflect their characteristics or mythology.

3. Plan Your Temple: As a group, discuss and decide on the layout of your temple. Draw a floor plan on graph paper, ensuring you include all the key areas of a Greek temple. Remember to consider the function of each area.

4. Design the Exterior: Sketch the exterior of your temple. Consider the type of columns you will use, the design of the pediment, and any friezes or other decorative elements. Remember, symmetry and proportion are key elements of Greek architecture.

5. Add Details: Once you have the basic design, add details that reflect the god or goddess your temple is dedicated to. This could be in the form of statues, reliefs, or specific symbols associated with the deity.

6. Present Your Design: Once your design is complete, present it to the class. Explain the choices you made, the deity your temple is dedicated to, and how your design reflects the characteristics of Ancient Greek architecture.

You will be evaluated on your understanding of Ancient Greek architecture, the thoughtfulness of your design, and your ability to work as a team.

Remember, the goal of this project is not to create a perfect replica of an Ancient Greek temple, but to understand and appreciate the architectural style and elements of these iconic structures. Enjoy the process of creating your own temple design!

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