Creating Our Own Cave Paintings: A Journey Back to Prehistoric Art

Students use simple materials to create stories in their cave paintings.

Objective: The project aims to enable students to better understand the context, techniques, and significance of prehistoric cave art by engaging them in a hands-on activity.

Materials Needed:

1. Large sheets of brown craft paper (or any material to simulate a cave wall)
2. Charcoal, earth-colored pastels, or natural pigment paints
3. Images of cave paintings for reference (available in textbooks or online resources)
4. Brushes or sponge (for applying pigments)


1. Research: Start by having the students research various cave paintings from different parts of the world. Discuss the themes, symbols, and techniques used, and what they might tell us about prehistoric life and beliefs.

2. Brainstorming: Students should brainstorm what they would like to portray in their own "cave paintings." Encourage them to think about how they would communicate important aspects of their lives or beliefs using only simple drawings and symbols, just like prehistoric people did.

3. Sketching: Before starting with the actual "cave painting," students should sketch their ideas on a piece of paper. This will help them organize their thoughts and decide on the layout.

4. Creating the Cave Painting: Once their sketches are ready, students can start transferring their designs onto the large sheets of craft paper using charcoal, pastels, or paints. Remind them to use simple lines and shapes, sticking to the style of authentic cave paintings.

5. Presentation: After the paintings are finished, have students present their work to the class. They should explain the symbols and scenes they chose, why they chose them, and how they relate to the themes observed in actual cave paintings.

6. Reflection: Finally, engage the students in a reflection about the process. What was challenging about communicating with images alone? How does this activity give them a deeper understanding and appreciation of the creativity and resourcefulness of prehistoric people?

This project will allow students to engage creatively with the subject matter, while also developing their understanding and appreciation of one of the earliest forms of human artistic expression.

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