Cave Paintings

This video explains cave paintings and shows great examples of the ancient art examples.

The video titled "Cave Art 101 | National Geographic" explores the cave art left behind by early humans in Europe, particularly in France and Spain. These art-filled caves and shelters, dating back as far as 65,000 years ago, depict animals that humans would have encountered or hunted during the Ice Age. Some scholars believe that the cave paintings were created by shamans in a trance-like state, drawing animals they encountered in the spirit world. The majority of the artwork is created with red or black pigments made from rocks, and some were painted directly onto cave walls while others were engraved into the stone. The meaning and purpose of cave art has been debated since the 1800s. Cave artworks may have been created by prehistoric artists who agreed upon the meaning of symbols. These artworks could represent the earliest form of graphic communication. While the exact reasons for cave art may never be known, they provide insight into the minds of our prehistoric ancestors and the world they lived in. Cave art may have been created by prehistoric naturalists, teaching us about extinct animals. Additionally, cave art may provide evidence of a time when humans were first able to express their thoughts in stone.

National Geographic @ YouTube
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