Create a Graphic Novel in Google Slides

This excellent video includes a template to help students develop a graphic novel quickly in Google slides.

The video titled "Creating a Graphic Novel in Google Slides (template included!)" provides a comprehensive guide on how to create a graphic novel using Google Slides. The video covers various aspects of graphic novel creation, including understanding panels, gutters, and bubbles, using word art and text bubbles, selecting Google fonts, using Google image search, inserting and cropping images, and using a provided template.

Here are the key steps discussed in the video:

1. Understanding Panels, Gutters, and Bubbles: Panels are individual frames in a comic strip or comic book. Gutters are the spaces between panels. Bubbles or speech balloons present the speech or thoughts of a character.

2. Using Word Art and Text Bubbles: Word Art allows you to customize your text with fill and stroke. Text bubbles or callouts can be added to present the speech or thoughts of a character.

3. Selecting Google Fonts: Google Slides provides a variety of fonts that can be used in your graphic novel. You can find additional fonts by clicking on the font drop-down and selecting "More Fonts".

4. Using Google Image Search: You can find images for your graphic novel using Google image search. It's recommended to use images that are licensed for reuse.

5. Inserting and Cropping Images: You can replace, insert, and crop images in Google Slides. You can also add a border or stroke to your images and change the layer order.

6. Using the Provided Template: The video provides a link to a graphic novel template that you can use in Google Slides. The template includes pre-made slide layouts and add-ons that you can use in your graphic novel.

7. Exporting the Document: You can export the whole document as a PDF or individual pages as JPEG or PNG images.

Remember to respect copyright laws when using images and fonts in your graphic novel.

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