Character Consistency with Midjourney

Creating consistent characters for a graphic novel can be challenging with Midjourney.

Video Summary:

The video titled "The Tricks to Consistent Characters in Midjourney Version 5" provides a comprehensive guide on how to create consistent characters across different scenes in Midjourney. The presenter emphasizes that there's no secret or built-in feature in Midjourney for this, but there are several tricks that users can employ. These include generating human-like subjects, keeping the design and prompt simple, using variations, adding weights to prompts, and generating the background separately. However, the presenter also cautions that achieving perfect consistency is challenging and involves a lot of trial and error.

Steps to Create a Consistent Character in Midjourney:

1. Generate a human-like subject: Photorealistic humans all look the same, whereas a cartoon can be drawn in many different styles.
2. Keep your design and prompt simple: The more complicated your design, the less Midjourney will be able to carry it over from scene to scene.
3. Use variations: This gives Midjourney more to work with and can help create a character that fits into different scenes.
4. Add weights to your prompts: This can help Midjourney focus on the aspects of the character you want to emphasize.
5. Generate the background separately: This can help create a more natural scene for your character.
6. Use the "character sheet" phrase in your prompt: This can help generate multiple expressions and poses for your character.
7. Use the "blend" feature: This can help blend your character into the background.
8. Be specific in your prompts: For example, saying "side profile" can help generate a specific view of your character.
9. Experiment and iterate: Achieving perfect consistency is challenging and involves a lot of trial and error.

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