Zoom in Midjourney

Use the zoom feature in Midjourney to create impressive panels for your graphic novel.

The video titled "Midjourney 5.2 is Unbelievable - Zoom out inside Midjourney" provides an overview of the new features in version 5.2 of Midjourney, a tool for generating AI-based art. The video highlights three major updates: variation control, improved text input understanding, and the ability to zoom out and fill out the rest of the image. The zoom feature allows users to zoom out 2x at a time until they achieve the desired width, and there's also a custom option that lets users specify exactly how far they want to zoom out and change their image size. The video provides examples of these features in action, demonstrating how they can be used to create a wide variety of unique images.

Here are the steps to create a consistent character in Midjourney as shown in the video:

1. Start with a detailed prompt: The prompt should include the character's appearance, the setting, and any other important details.

2. Generate the image: Midjourney will generate four different versions of the image based on the prompt. Choose the one that best fits your vision for the character.

3. Upscale the image: Once you've chosen an image, you can upscale it to improve the resolution.

4. Use the variation control: Midjourney offers two options for variation control - subtle and strong. The subtle option makes slight changes to the image, while the strong option makes more noticeable changes.

5. Zoom out: If you want to add more detail around your character, you can use the zoom out feature. This allows you to zoom out 2x at a time, and Midjourney will fill in the rest of the image.

6. Use the custom zoom: If you want more control over the zoom and image size, you can use the custom zoom option. This allows you to specify exactly how far you want to zoom out and change your image size.

7. Repeat the process: If you're not happy with the result, you can repeat the process with different prompts, zoom levels, and variation controls until you get the exact character you're looking for.

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