Publishing Your Learning Gig

Once a Learning Gig Developer has completed the various assets, the Learning Gig is ready to be loaded into the system and reviewed in the Outstanda framework.

Finalizing Your Learning Gig

Once you have completed designing your learning gig and are satisfied with the materials, it is time to finalize and prepare it for publication in the Outstanda Academy system. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Notify the Gig Manager: Inform the Outstanda Gig Manager (GM) that your learning gig is ready for review. They will review the materials and provide feedback or request any additional materials that may be required.
  2. Review and Update: Make the necessary updates or modifications based on the feedback received from the Gig Manager. Address any requested changes and ensure that all aspects of the gig meet the required standards.
  3. Publish in Development Stage: Once the gig has been reviewed and updated, it will be published into the Outstanda Academy system in the development stage. At this stage, the gig is not publicly listed in the catalog or on the front page, but there is a public link where it can be reviewed.
  4. Review on Mobile and Desktop: It is important to review the gig on both mobile and desktop devices. This allows you to assess how the materials appear and ensure they are properly formatted and optimized for different viewing mediums.
  5. Check for Errors and Consistency: Take the opportunity to carefully review the content, checking for any errors in spelling, grammar, or factual accuracy. Sometimes, these issues become more apparent when the materials are viewed in a new medium or context.
  6. Share for Feedback: Share the gig's link with individuals you trust, such as colleagues or subject matter experts, and invite them to provide feedback. Their fresh perspectives can help identify areas for improvement or refinement.
  7. Agree on Publication: Collaborate with the Gig Manager and any relevant stakeholders to ensure that all parties agree the gig is ready for publishing. Address any remaining concerns or suggestions, and finalize the materials accordingly.
  8. Add to Catalog and Activate Assessments: Once all parties are satisfied with the gig, it will be added to the Outstanda catalog, making it publicly available. Additionally, the assessments associated with the gig will go live, allowing learners to engage with and evaluate their progress.

Please note that the gig goes through a thorough review and revision process to ensure high-quality learning experiences. The collaboration between the Gig Manager, developer, and other stakeholders is essential in creating valuable and engaging educational materials.

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