Mock Interview with Advice

Watch this mock interview which includes advice on what the student interviewee did well and what needs improved.

The video is a mock interview where a senior communications major is being coached on how to answer interview questions. The interviewer provides feedback on the student's responses and offers tips on how to improve. They cover topics such as how to talk about your strengths and weaknesses, how to give an accomplishment that shows your abilities, and how to prepare questions for the interviewer. The interviewer emphasizes the importance of telling a story and painting a picture of who you are as a candidate rather than just reiterating what is on your resume. They encourage the student to think about what sets them apart from other candidates and to tie their accomplishments back to the skills that employers want. Overall, the interviewer compliments the student on their interview skills but offers feedback to take them to the next level of professionalism.

From Lesson: Interviewing Skills

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From Learning Gig: Employment Soft Skills

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