Red Flags to Avoid

Someone who interviews a lot of people knows which "red flags" to look for and they will usually avoid hiring someone when they hear these, so study them and be careful in your interview.

Red Flags to Avoid in an Interview

  • Talking poorly about past jobs
  • Talking about not getting along with people
  • Talking about drugs or alcohol
  • Being too restrictive about willingness to work different hours/times
  • Talking about lawsuits you are involved in
  • Talking about potentially moving to a new location
  • Talking badly about customers or the public
  • Clearly lying
  • Making off-color jokes or joking too much
  • Talking about politics

It's important to be aware of red flags to avoid during an interview, as they can significantly impact your chances of getting hired. 

Avoid talking poorly about past jobs or coworkers, as this can come across as unprofessional and may indicate a negative attitude. 

Avoid discussing drugs or alcohol, as this can raise concerns about your reliability and judgment. 

Be willing to work different hours and times, as many jobs require flexibility in scheduling. 

Avoid discussing lawsuits or potential moves, as this can indicate instability or lack of commitment to the job. 

Finally, avoid making inappropriate jokes or discussing politics, as this can come across as unprofessional and may not be relevant to the job. 

By avoiding these red flags, you can present yourself in the best possible light during the interview process.

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