Review and Mock Interviews

Students work in pairs or with a friend and review each other's resumes and conduct mock interviews.

Project Assignment: Resume Review and Mock Interview


The objective of this project assignment is to help students improve their resume writing and interview skills by reviewing each other's resumes, asking questions, providing feedback, and conducting mock interviews.


Pair up with another student in the class.

  1. Exchange resumes with your partner.
  2. Review your partner's resume and take note of areas that need improvement.
  3. Schedule a time to meet with your partner to discuss each other's resumes.
  4. During the meeting, ask your partner questions about their resume and provide constructive feedback on areas that need improvement.
  5. Use a list of common resume mistakes to guide your review and feedback.
  6. After the resume review, take turns conducting mock interviews with each other.
  7. Prepare a list of common interview questions and provide feedback on areas that need improvement.
  8. Use a list of common interview mistakes to guide your feedback.
  9. Provide constructive criticism and use the feedback to improve your resume and interview skills.

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