Bias in Curriculum Design

Tips on how to write with less bias in your Learning Gig and lesson design.

Check Your Sources

Ensure your sources are credible and diverse to avoid confirmation bias.

Avoid Stereotypes

Be aware of and avoid using stereotypes in your writing.

Use Inclusive Language

Use language that is inclusive and respectful to all groups.

Be Aware of Your Own Beliefs

Recognize your own beliefs and how they might influence your writing.

Avoid Loaded Language

Be cautious of using loaded or emotionally charged language.

Seek Feedback

Ask others to review your work for potential bias.

Consider Multiple Perspectives

Try to include multiple perspectives in your writing to provide a balanced view.

Be Transparent

If you have a personal connection to the topic, disclose it to your editor and get another opinion or disclose it to your readers.

Continually Learn and Adapt

Recognize that understanding and addressing bias is a continual learning process.

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From Learning Gig: Outstanda Learning Gig Development

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