Make a Difference

Many people want to make a difference and improve education around the world. Anyone can get involved and develop a Learning Gig that can impact millions of lives.

In this reading, we will explore the diverse individuals who have the opportunity to develop a Learning Gig and contribute to Outstanda's mission of providing accessible education. Let's discover who can make a difference and the guidelines for developing impactful learning materials.

Interns: Interns looking to gain valuable experience in research, writing, and curriculum development can play a significant role in creating Learning Gigs. Their fresh perspectives and enthusiasm contribute to the creation of engaging and innovative educational content. Outstanda is happy to provide interns with experience and a final product that looks great on the resume.

Volunteers: Passionate individuals who believe in the power of education can contribute their expertise as volunteers. Their commitment and dedication help shape the learning experiences within Outstanda's platform.

Subject Matter Experts: Subject matter experts bring their in-depth knowledge and expertise to develop high-quality Learning Gigs. Their experience ensures that the materials are accurate, relevant, and up-to-date.

Teachers: Teachers have a unique understanding of educational needs and can leverage their expertise to design impactful Learning Gigs. Their insights into effective teaching methods and student engagement greatly enhance the learning experiences. The Learning Gig format gives teachers more creativity and flexibility when developing lessons.

Students as Part of a Group Project in Their School: Students themselves can contribute to the development of Learning Gigs as part of a group project within their school. This collaborative approach fosters student creativity, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

All developers who contribute to Outstanda must agree that their developed materials will be published exclusively by Outstanda and made available without charge under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC) license. This license allows others to share, adapt, and build upon the materials as long as they provide attribution and do not use them for commercial purposes.


  • Interns, volunteers, subject matter experts, teachers, and students can all contribute to the development of Learning Gigs.
  • Outstanda requires developers to agree to the exclusive publication of materials and use the CC BY-NC license, allowing free sharing and adaptation with attribution.
  • Collaborative projects involving students foster creativity, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

By participating in Outstanda's platform and developing Learning Gigs, individuals from various backgrounds can make a significant impact on education and contribute to the global learning community.

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