Plan Your Learning Gig (Individual or Group Project)

This project can be done individually or in a group. Plan the Learning Gig that you will be developing throughout this course.

Project: Planning Your Learning Gig

Project Summary:

In this project, you will brainstorm ideas for a learning gig, check if similar gigs already exist in Outstanda, and develop a comprehensive plan for your learning gig. You will outline the structure, learning objectives, and weekly lesson topics, culminating in seeking approval from your Learning Gig instructor.

Project Objective:

The objective of this project is to develop a well-defined plan for your learning gig, ensuring clarity in the scope, objectives, and content covered. By completing this project, you will lay the foundation for creating an engaging and effective learning gig.


  1. Brainstorm Learning Gig Ideas: Individually or in a small group, brainstorm ideas for potential learning gigs. Consider your areas of expertise, learner needs, and topics of interest.
  2. Check Existing Outstanda Learning Gigs: Research the Outstanda platform to determine if similar gigs already exist. Ensure that your idea is unique or offers a fresh perspective.
  3. Choose a Learning Gig and Define Details: Select one learning gig idea and determine the appropriate level (e.g., beginner, intermediate, advanced) and the desired duration in terms of weeks or lessons.
  4. Create Learning Objectives: Clearly define the learning objectives for your gig, focusing on what knowledge or skills learners will gain by the end of the gig.
  5. Outline Weekly Lessons: Develop a structure for your gig by listing a title and summary for each weekly lesson. Specify the topics to be covered in each lesson, ensuring a logical progression.
  6. Contact Your Learning Gig Instructor: Share your gig outline with your Learning Gig instructor and request their approval. Be prepared to make revisions based on their feedback and suggestions.
  7. Oustanda Approval: Submit your Learning Gig proposal to Outstanda. 

Evaluation Instructions:

Upon completion of the project, your instructor will evaluate your Learning Gig plan based on the clarity and cohesiveness of your learning objectives, the logical progression of lesson topics, and the overall feasibility of the gig idea. Ensure that your plan is well-structured, demonstrates thoughtful consideration of learner needs, and aligns with the Outstanda platform requirements.

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