Using AI to Brainstorm and Develop Learning Gigs

Learn how to use ChatGPT (or other AI) to brainstorm an outline for any course. This video is specific to Outstanda, but can be used for any curriculum development.

In this video, Ron McDaniel from Outstanda demonstrates how to use AI, specifically ChatGPT, to brainstorm and develop a course or "learning gig" for Outstanda. He emphasizes the benefits of using AI as a tool for brainstorming, outlining, and creating course content. He walks through the process of defining the course's focus, in this case, a six-week course on citizenship for middle school students, and how to use ChatGPT to generate ideas for weekly topics, lessons, and group projects. He also highlights the importance of iteration in the brainstorming process, showing how to modify the course outline by adding or combining weeks. Ron concludes by explaining how the final output should include the course title, audience, summary, and a detailed outline with lessons and sub-items. He encourages viewers to check out the complete open course at Outstanda Academy.

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