Board Meeting - Group Project

This group exercise allows students to practice professionalism, communication, listening, and presentation skills.

Objective: The objective of this assignment is to help students practice professionalism and good listening skills while working collaboratively in a group to propose a solution to an issue in their school or community. 


  1. Students will come to school dressed in professional attire, such as business casual or business formal.
  2. Divide students into groups of 4-6, and appoint one person as the president who will keep the meeting moving politely.
  3. Each group will choose an issue they would like to discuss, such as an improvement in their school or the city they live in.
  4. The board of directors will discuss ideas and make a proposal for an improvement at the end of the board meeting.

The group assignment should last one class period, during which time the board will discuss the issue and brainstorm solutions.

The second class period will consist of each board presenting their topic and proposed solution in 5 minutes or less.

The presentation should include a brief overview of the issue, a summary of the proposed solution, and any supporting data or research that was conducted.

The presentation should demonstrate professionalism, clarity, and good listening skills.

Assessment: Students will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Professionalism: Did the students come dressed in professional attire and conduct themselves in a professional manner during the meeting and presentation?
  • Listening Skills: Did the students actively listen to their teammates' ideas and provide constructive feedback?
  • Collaboration: Did the students work together as a team to develop a proposal for an improvement in their school or community?
  • Presentation: Was the presentation clear, concise, and supported by relevant data and research?

From Lesson: Professionalism and Grooming

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