Personal Grooming and Self Care

Follow this checklist before a job interview or going to a new job.

This is a list of personal care for before going to work or an interview. Of course, some things like the length of nails depend on your job. Also, some jobs are more accepting of make-up and less conservative in fashion and jewelry. Begin more conservatively until you know your workplace standards.

Personal grooming checklist for teens when they are going for a job interview or to work:

  • Shower or bath to ensure cleanliness and freshness.
  • Style hair neatly and appropriately for the job or industry.
  • Trim facial hair or shave, if necessary.
  • Apply makeup conservatively and tastefully, or do not wear makeup.
  • Brush teeth and use mouthwash to ensure fresh breath.
  • Style hair neatly and appropriately for the job or industry.
  • Dress appropriately in clean and pressed clothing.
  • Wear deodorant and antiperspirant to avoid body odor and sweat stains.
  • Use cologne sparingly to avoid overwhelming fragrance.
  • Clean and trim nails, ensuring they are short and free from dirt.
  • Ensure shoes are clean and polished.
  • Avoid wearing excessive jewelry or accessories.

From Lesson: Professionalism and Grooming

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