Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation

Phonetic Spanish Alphabet pronunciation so students may practice the alphabet and how to say the letters perfectly.

Here is a list of the Spanish alphabet along with phonetic spelling for English speakers. Note that the Spanish alphabet has 27 letters, including "ñ" which is not present in the English alphabet.


A - a (ah)

B - be (bay)

C - ce (say)

D - de (day)

E - e (eh)

F - efe (ef-ay)

G - ge (hay)

H - hache (ah-chay)

I - i (ee)

J - jota (ho-tah)

K - ka (kah)

L - ele (el-ay)

M - eme (em-ay)

N - ene (en-ay)

Ñ - eñe (en-yay)

O - o (oh)

P - pe (pay)

Q - cu (koo)

R - ere (air-ay) / erre (air-ray) (the rolled R)

S - ese (es-ay)

T - te (tay)

U - u (oo)

V - ve (vay) / uve (oo-vay)

W - doble ve (doh-blay vay) / doble u (doh-blay oo) / uve doble (oo-vay doh-blay)

X - equis (ay-kees)

Y - ye (yay) / i griega (ee gree-ay-gah)

Z - zeta (say-tah)


Keep in mind that pronunciation may slightly vary depending on the accent or regional dialect. Additionally, some letters, like "k" and "w," are less common in Spanish and are mostly used in foreign words or loanwords.

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