Spanish Shape and Color Worksheet

This worksheet has a page to use as a quiz on Shapes and Colors in Spanish, and an answer sheet that doubles as a study resource.

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Yellow Square 

Blue Triangle 

Red Rectangle 

Green Circle 

Black Oval 

White Star 

Pink Heart 

Orange Diamond 

Violet Line 

Brown Cresent 

Silver Cube 

Gold Sphere 

Purple Cylinder 

Indigo Hexagon

Colors and Shapes Answer Sheet / Study Resource

Cuadrado Amarillo 

Triángulo Azul 

Rectángulo Rojo 

Círculo Verde 

Óvalo Negro 

Estrella Blanca 

Corazón Rosa 

Diamante Naranja 

Línea Violeta 

Creciente Marrón 

Cubo Plateado 

Esfera Dorada 

Cilindro Morado 

Hexágono Índigo

From Lesson: Spanish Colors and Shapes

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From Learning Gig: Beginner Spanish 1.1

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