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This is a PDF resource that teaches the different ways to say goodbye in Spanish for students.

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Here's a worksheet-style list of phrases in Spanish for saying goodbye, see you later, and similar expressions. You can practice these expressions to become more comfortable with using them in conversation.



English translation: Goodbye

Usage: A common way to say goodbye in any situation.


Hasta luego

English translation: See you later

Usage: Used when you expect to see the person again later or in the near future.


Hasta pronto

English translation: See you soon

Usage: Similar to "hasta luego," but with a stronger implication that you'll see the person soon.


Hasta la vista

English translation: Goodbye, see you later

Usage: A somewhat informal way to say goodbye, often associated with the famous movie quote from "Terminator 2."


Hasta mañana

English translation: See you tomorrow

Usage: Used when you expect to see the person the next day.


Nos vemos

English translation: We'll see each other (later)

Usage: A casual and friendly way to say goodbye when you expect to see the person again.


Que te vaya bien

English translation: Take care, have a good time

Usage: A friendly way to wish someone well as you part ways.


Chao / Chau

English translation: Bye

Usage: An informal and casual way to say goodbye, similar to saying "bye" in English.


From Lesson: Greetings and Basic Expressions

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