Spanish Greetings and Farewells Dialogue Practice

Students will practice and reinforce Spanish greetings.

Project Title: Spanish Greetings and Farewells Dialogue Practice

Objective: Students will work in groups of 2-3 to write and practice a dialogue in Spanish using three different greetings and three different ways of saying goodbye. By engaging in this activity, students will improve their conversational skills and become more familiar with common Spanish expressions.


  1. Form groups of 2-3 students. 
  2. As a group, choose three greetings and three ways to say goodbye in Spanish. 
    Examples include: 
    Greetings: "Buenos días," "¿Qué tal?," "¿Cómo estás?" 
    Farewells: "Adiós," "Hasta luego," "Nos vemos." 
  3. Write a short dialogue between two people in Spanish, incorporating the chosen greetings and farewells. 
  4. Ensure that each greeting and farewell is used at least once in the dialogue. 
  5. Practice the dialogue within your group, with each student taking turns playing the two roles. 
  6. Repeat the dialogue several times, switching roles after each round to ensure all group members have the opportunity to practice both parts. 
  7. (Optional) Share your dialogues with the class, either by presenting them verbally or submitting the written dialogues for review. 

By working together to create and practice these dialogues, students will gain a better understanding of common Spanish expressions and build their conversational confidence in the language.

From Lesson: Greetings and Basic Expressions

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