Spanish Working with Numbers Vocabulary

A list of terms from math in English with Spanish translation.

Commonly Used

Plus - Más
Minus - Menos
Times (multiply) - Multiplicar (por)
Divided by - Dividido (por)
Equals - Igual
Fraction - Fracción
Decimal - Decimal
Percentage - Porcentaje
Free - Gratis

More Complex Math Terms (Honors)

Square root - Raíz cuadrada
Power (exponent) - Potencia (exponente)
Greater than - Mayor que
Less than - Menor que
Greater than or equal to - Mayor o igual que
Less than or equal to - Menor o igual que
Parentheses - Paréntesis
Sum - Suma
Difference - Diferencia
Product - Producto
Quotient - Cociente
Remainder - Residuo



From Lesson: Spanish Numbers and Counting

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