Byzantine Art

This video shows different types of byzantine art and explains the characteristics of the art of this age.

The video titled "Understanding the styles of art: Byzantine Art" provides an overview of the Byzantine art style, which flourished from 500 AD to the 1400s. The style is characterized by formal and religious imagery, often created through mosaic work using small ceramic tiles. Figures in Byzantine art are typically tall and slender, with proportions that are not entirely realistic. Gold was a precious element extensively used in this art form, especially in religious images. The video emphasizes that the message conveyed by the artwork was more important than accuracy, and it highlights the use of gold, stylized figures, and specific painting techniques as characteristic of Byzantine art. The Last Supper is mentioned as an example of a Byzantine work that incorporates these elements. The video concludes by stating that Byzantine art aimed to teach congregants about the stories of the Bible rather than focus on accuracy.

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