Outwork Your Way to the Top - Marvin Ellis Interview

This Marvin Ellis interview begins with him explaining how he became CEO of Lowes after starting with minimum wage.

Marvin Ellison, the CEO and chairman of Lowe's home improvement stores, spoke with Damon John in this interview. Ellison shared his background, starting as a part-time employee for Target while attending the University of Memphis and eventually working his way up to a director level. He discussed his approach to differentiating himself by taking tough assignments, which led him to becoming the CEO of J.C. Penney before moving to Lowe's. Ellison also addressed the issue of the lack of diversity in the Fortune 500, stating his mixed emotions about being one of only six black CEOs. He discussed Lowe's initiatives to create a pipeline of diverse talent through internal developmental processes and highlighted their efforts to support minority entrepreneurs and suppliers. Ellison advised entrepreneurs to focus on solving customer problems, plan for success, and educate themselves thoroughly.

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