Instructor Resources for Course: The Basics of Measurement Systems

Course: The Basics of Measurement Systems

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This course prepares students for a future of working with measurements and numbers. It includes Imperial and Metric materials so that students are familiar with any global values they may see. See below for free lesson plans for The Basics of Measurement Systems

Lesson #1: Measurement and Temperature

  Lesson Plan for Measurement and Temperature
This lesson covers the general history of measurement systems, the differences in those systems, and details on how to tell the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Understand the history of measurement
  • Tell temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Estimate conversion between the two systems
  • Honors understands windchill and kelvin

Lesson #2: Measuring Length

  Lesson Plan for Measuring Length
The basics of measuring length. This lesson includes imperial and metric values for measuring distance.
  • Understand Imperial and Metric Length Units
  • Know divisions of units
  • Convert from one system to another
  • Use measurements to solve problems

Lesson #3: Mass, Weight, and Volume

  Lesson Plan for Mass, Weight, and Volume
The mass, weight, and volume lesson explores the basic differences and how to measure properties in metric, as well as imperial, units.
  • Understand the different between mass, volume, and weight
  • Know the units of volume and conversions
  • Know weight units and conversions.

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