Upset Customer Practice

Students get in pairs and take turns being an angry customer and a professional, calm employee handling the complaint.

In this classroom activity, students will pair up and take turns role-playing as a customer with a complaint and a professional trying to resolve the issue. The goal of the activity is to practice effective communication skills and conflict resolution in a customer service scenario.

To start the activity, students will be paired up and decide who will play the role of the unhappy customer and who will play the professional. The unhappy customer will come up with a specific complaint related to a product or service, while the professional will need to use active listening and problem-solving skills to resolve the issue.

Once the roles are assigned, the pair will begin their scenario. The unhappy customer will explain their complaint to the professional, and the professional will need to listen actively and ask clarifying questions to understand the issue fully. The professional will then try to find a resolution that satisfies the customer, using empathy and communication skills to diffuse the situation.

After a set amount of time, the pairs will switch roles, and the previously unhappy customer will become the professional, and vice versa. This rotation allows each student to practice both communication styles and learn from the experience.

After the activity, the class can have a debrief discussion on effective communication strategies and how to handle difficult customer service situations. This activity provides a practical and engaging way for students to develop crucial customer service skills while also building teamwork and communication abilities.

From Lesson: Customer Service and Interpersonal Skills

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