Measurement & Temperature Study Guide

Temperature & Measurement History Study Guide

There are 3 areas of questions. Mastery requires 100%. Critical Thinking requires 75% or more. And Honors is optional and may be skipped, but requires 75% or more.  All questions are clear and are not trick questions.

Mastery Questions

  • Know the general characteristics, differences, and history of Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Know how to write °F and °C properly and understand the difference.
  • Know the freezing and boiling points of water on both scales.
  • Estimate the weather based on Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature.
  • Know the differences between Metric and Imperial systems of measurement and where they are used in the world.

Critical Thinking Questions

  • How to convert Celcius to Fahrenheit.
  • How to convert Fahrenheit to Celcius.
  • Make temperature estimates based on knowledge of memorized points and understanding of the conversion process.
  • Identify the benefits of the metric system.

Honors Questions (Optional)

  • Know how to do more difficult conversions of temperatures between the two scales.
  • Know how windchill affects temperature.
  • Know the temperature of the surface of the sun.
  • Know about kelvin.

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